Elections 2018

President of the Executive Committee Vote

Stéphane Straub was unanimously nominated for presidential election by the executive board.
The new President of EUDN is elected by all full active members for a term of 3 years (renewable) by simple majority of voting members. 

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Associate Membership Votes

Election for associate members

Excerpt from the by-laws:

Associate members are young researchers who do not yet satisfy the first two criteria of full members (i.e. visibility and publication record) but are expected to do so, satisfy the other criteria (commitment to capacity-building and interest in participation in EUDN activities), have completed a PhD, have at least one good journal article published or accepted, and have presented to at least one EUDN conference.

Current full active EUDN members vote (yes/no) based on the list of candidates proposed for Associate Membership. To be valid, each vote must have at least 50% of the full active EUDN members participating in the vote. To be elected, a candidate must have received a number of YES votes exceeding the number of NOs by a margin representing at least 25% of the expressed votes.